6 Toronto workshops to help you lead a a more eco-friendly life

If you want your day-to-day life to be more eco-friendly, there are a few simple ways to start. Shopping secondhand, joining a farm share, cycling instead of driving and eating more vegetarian meals are all simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint. But if you want to take your eco-living a step further, you’re in luck: Toronto is full of joyful and encouraging spaces to gain more eco-friendly skills.

How to Rewild: 10 Ways to Take Action

From writing letters to supporting wildlife corridors, these ideas will help you make a difference in ways both large and small. It’s easy to dismiss your own efforts as pointless in the face of all the damage being done to the Earth and its creatures. But if you look in the right places, you’ll see the good being done too – and it is truly inspiring. We, collectively and as individuals, DO have the power to make the world a wilder place.

Maple fudge, fall foliage, historic charm: This Ontario heritage conservation district is the perfect cosy getaway right now

Arriving on Unionville’s Main Street feels a bit like stepping back in time. The Victorian houses that line the periphery of this former village — first settled in 1794, and now officially part of Markham — are kept in pristine condition, retaining their original character and charm. The historic train station, built in 1871 and now a community centre, looks as though it’s ready to welcome a traveller from a bygone era.

9 books that will get kids moving and exploring—from toddlers to teens

Despite our best efforts to get our kids to move their bodies, sometimes they need to be inspired by someone (or something) other than us. That’s where books come in. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of inspiring books—from rhyming dances for preschoolers to female empowerment for teens—to encourage kids to get out of their comfort zone, try something new, and move their bodies in a way that feels good to them. Check out these books next time your kids need a little movement inspiration.

Outdoor adventure courses for kids across Canada

From tree-climbing to zip-lining and everything in between! If the adventurer in you is looking for some family-fun activities this summer, check out these outdoor adventure courses for kids (and adults!) across Canada. With locations in several cities across Ontario, Treetop Trekking (and Treewalk Village for all ages) is the perfect place for every family member to get active together in nature. At Treewalk Village, enter an Alice-in-Wonderland-esque world, where colourful treetop houses are

Toronto's Tiny Toy Co. Wishes it Would Go Out of Business

If you have a kiddo in your life, you know how fun it is to give them a new toy or game and watch their eyes light up. But well-meaning adults often give gifts in a way that is needlessly wasteful. Parents are well-acquainted with just how quickly plastic trinkets make their way from our homes to the “donate” bin. Toys often enter our lives via birthday loot bags, grandparents, dentist and doctor offices or school prizes. Unfortunately, these toys are often enjoyed by kids for a fleeting moment

6 Must-See Environmental Documentaries at Hot Docs

From April 28 – May 8, the annual Hot Docs Festival will return (to theatres in Toronto and virtually across Canada) with 266 documentary films from 63 different countries. We want to spotlight Hot Docs titles that sound the alarm on urgent environmental issues. In lots of small, everyday ways, we all do our best to protect the earth and reduce our carbon footprint. But many people don’t stop there. Here’s what it looks like when individuals take on a bigger role in climate change protection.

The most badass clubs and camps for girls in Toronto

Girls-only camps and clubs provide a safe space for girls, trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming youth to build confidence and gain new skills in supportive and fun environments. These essential and valuable spots allow girls to confidently explore their interests—especially ones that are typically monopolized by boys. Check out these clubs and camps in and around the city where girls can feel free to express themselves in a judgment-free zone.

Insider’s guide to Uxbridge: Where to find a CanLit gem, farmhouse decor and idyllic picnic spots

Any “Schitt’s Creek” fan would immediately recognize the filming locations for Ted’s vet clinic, Bob’s Garage and Rose Apothecary while driving through Stouffville and Goodwood, Ont., en route to Uxbridge’s town centre. But what they might not know is that this humble township, about one hour northeast of Toronto, offers an incredible community of artisans, indie shops and beautiful nature spots worth the visit on their own.
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